We Happy Few

DEVELOPER: Compulsion Games

PUBLISHER: Gearbox Publishing

RELEASE DATE: Aug 10, 2018

Compulsion Games Team

Programming: Marc Audouy, Camille L. Martel

Level Design: Mike Gonthier, Antoine Ladouceur, Vincent Laforest, Joshua A. Mills, Hayden Wilkinson

Environment Art: Emmanuel Lauzon, Marc-André Voyer, Shawn Wiederhoeft, Warren Marshall

Character Art: Tito Belgrave

Concept & 2D Art: Sarah Hamilton

User Interface Design: Duncan Kay

Animation: Jean-Richard Beaudry, Rémi Comtois, Vincent Schneider

Technical Animation: Rémi Comtois

VFX Art: Weili Huang

UX Designer: Morgan Kennedy

QA: Stephanie Gregory

Community Manager: Naila Hadjas

Business: Clément Galiay

Marketing: Clément Galiay

Additional Programming: Jacob Barrick

Additional Art: Stéphanie Landry, Taber Noble, Deven Winters

Additional Animation: Sylvia Rack

Additional VFX Art: Stéphane Nepton

Creative Direction: Guillaume Provost

Art Direction: Whitney Clayton

Design Direction: David Sears

Narrative Direction: Alex Epstein

Technical Direction: Matt Robinson

Chief Operating Officer: Sam Abbott

Executive Producers: Guillaume Provost, Cord Barrett Smith, Richard Wu

Partners: Audio Production (Signal Space)

Creative Direction: Jose Aguirre

Project Manager: Christopher Fox

Composer: Nicolas Marquis

Audio Integration: Valentino Lercher

Audio Team: Joe Barrucco, Ivo Ivanov, Eli Hason, Michel Marchant, Renaud Toussaint, Maxime Letertre

Partners: Film Crew - Uncle Jack / Les Productions Hibernia

Director: Gabrielle Provost

Producer / Production Manager: Marie-Michèle Cyr

1st Assistant Director: Marie-Josée Archambault

Script Supervisor: Jennifer A. Mulligan

Art Director: Ian Langohr

Assistant to the Art Director: Eva-Loan Ponton-Pham

Production Assisrtant: Eva-Loan Ponton-Pham

Special FX Make-Up Artist: Bruno Gatien

Hairdresser: Marianne Voyer

Director of Photography: Alfonso Herrera Salcedo Serrano

1st Assistant Camera / Data Wrangler: Jeanne Dupuis

Teleprompter Operator: Louise Rivard

Gaffer / Grip: Noémie Boisclair

Still Photographer: Charles Bélisle

Sound Recordist: Catherine Van De Donckt

Production Assistant: June Barry

Driver / Runner: Guillaume Mathieu

Craft: K. Harbron

Additional Makeup - Avatar FX: Jonathan Lavallée


Evolve PR: Tom Ohle, Jessica Beaudoin

Video Post-Production

Video Post-Production: Aladeen Tawfeek, Marielle Lela Quesney

Uncle Jack: Julian Casey

Voice Acting (English)

Arthur: Alex Wyndham

Victoria Byng: Katherine Kingsley

Note: This is not a complete list ...

Quality Assurance: Enzyme Testing Labs

Head of Production: Steve Paquin

Project Manager: David Dean Watts

Team Manager: Maxim Lacasse

Lead Testers: Chafik Badache, Sebastien Bedard

Functionality Testers: Maxime Plessis Bélair, Robin Raymond, Nicholas Nolette, Gabriel Aubin, Lou Couture, Shawn Girard, Eliott Filiatrault Paquin, Olivier Giroux


Accounting: Thomas-Louis Lafleur, Aaron Belcher


KickStarter Backers: We would like to give special thanks to all our Kickstarter backers!, All 7433 of you who wanted to be Downers right from the very beginning., Thank you.

Game Babies!: Victor Laforest, Corey Belgrave

Special Thanks: Joe Kreiner, Joe Graf, Nate Ahearn, Chris Charla, Simon Ashby, Sol Clayton

Compulsion Team Thanks

Clément: Thanks Marie and Basile for the love; the happiness and the family hugs.

David: Peeka Van Buren

Hayden: My very supportive wife Brandy; and good ol' Aunt Margaret.

JR: Thanks to my mom and dad; Lise and Richard; for supporting me in following my passion!

Marc: Yukiko; for supporting me through thick and thin :)

Mike: Léa Tabary

Rémi: Merci à Andréanne et ma famille pour m'avoir supporté tout au long du project.

Sam: Alex; for kindly tolering my really bad jokes.

Sarah: Thank you Jon; for being my honey and laughing at most of my butt jokes.

Stephanie: Mr. Labelle; you make one hell of a coffee.

Tito: Compulsion for giving me a start; and my wife Marcia for trusting in my crazy ambitions!

Vince: Thanks to my loving kids and girlfriend for keeping up with me while I 'play games all day.'

Whitney: My amazing and supportive family and partner, VINCENT; I'M GOING TO BE LATE AGAIN!

Really Important Contributors

Produced with the financial support of: The Canada Media Fund, Fonds des médias du Canada

We acknowledge the financial support of: The Government of Canada, through the Department of Canadian Heritage [Canadian Music Fund] and of the Canada's Private Radio Broadcasters., Factor - The foundation assistant Canadian talent on recordings with support from Canada's private radio broadcasters

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