Yo! What is this site that I got to?

This site was created for the game developers. Here you can find a lot of screenshots from released video games which sorted by tags. Our community fills the database with the new screenshots. We suppose that you already bought those games and don't want to spoil the game experience. If you a simply player (not a game developer), please, buy and pass interested games, don't use our site before passing these games.

What is the purpose of this project?

To form a comprehensive visual library of video games materials. To form a community that helps game developers to analyze other games faster. It would help to draw inspiration. It would help to create the ideas faster.

Is this project free? Are there any paid features or access to closed content?

The project is absolutely free. Here no goods and services, no ads. It's like Wikipedia.

Can I do something to help this project?

Certainly! We need screenshots from different games, you can add them to the site after registration, or add the base of materials of an already published game on the game page.

How many pictures do you usually post for a game?

200-1000 pictures, size 1920 x 1080 pixels, PNG or JPG format.

Where is the best place to upload pictures before sending them to you?

The project is absolutely free, but if I would like to thank the community, where will the money go?

Of course you can. The money will go to the hosting fee, the purchase of additional space for pictures, the technical optimization of the site by the web programmer.

If I would have some questions, suggestions or comments on your project, where should I write?